Video Duplication


VHS is still a medium for some consumers, whether they be instructional training tapes or converting home movies to DVD, there is still a need for them. We maintain our equipment within peek professional specifications and have the capability to duplicate large quantities in a short period of time.

We duplicate in real-time which offers better quality than high speed duplication. All masters are set up to color bars and tone with waveform and vector scope.

Duplicated videos are checked front and back to maintain the highest quality video and audio and to ensure that the picture and sound are true to the original.

We are able to duplicate from master tapes in BETAsp, DVDPro, DVCAM, DigiBETA, Mini DV, 3/4″ VHS, SVHS, Hi-8. We also offer foriegn conversions.

We provide video duplication ranging from one to thousands and provide custom printing services for labels and sleeves. Shrinkwrap available upon request.